no mud, no lotus

More and more I’m leaning into being.  I find that we unconsciously ask one another about doing constantly:

“What’d you do this weekend?”

“What do you want to do today?”

“What are you doing for lunch?”

All of this focus on doing underscores how spectacularly out of balance most of us are.

I spent most of this weekend being.  Being present. Being aware.  Being mindful. Breathing in, breathing out.  Repeat.

Yesterday, I sung at the top of my lungs from the backseat while rolling through the suburbs of Chicago to buy burritos after apartment hunting.  I picked up a friend at Starbucks after she’d put some time into a paper for school.  I let myself feel carried and nurtured by friend love during a video chat with my three amigos.  I spoke with my mom on the phone while a breeze blew through every corner of my house.  (I told her: “‘Spring cleaning’ has a different meaning in the midwest.”) I took a salt bath, and opened my back and shoulders with some incredible morning yoga in front of my fireplace.  Tonight, I took savasana out on my balcony and let the sunshine wash away all my grief.  I had visions of a small container garden made out of an upcycled pallet and contemplated what might shift if I attempted to garden again. (I always seem to find myself going back to the land.)

I watched birds visit my lanai this morning: two mourning doves, and a cardinal.  The geese have been bananas all winter (flying here, flying there, never quite seeming to migrate south), but these new little fellas are harbingers of something untold.

“If dove flies into your life, you are being asked to go within and release your emotional disharmony, be it of the past or the present. Dove helps us to rid trauma stored within our cellular memory. Humming can help you with this release.” (Source)

Later, I pulled two cards from my Kuan Yin deck.

The first: Blossoms of the Sky Dancer.

Message:  Kuan Yin brings you guidance that you are creating something important right now, something that is aligned with heavenly forces and light, that is significant for the path of the spiritual awakening on this planet.  Whether you are fully conscious of it or not, it IS happening.  Your spiritual light is flowing into the physical plane with the intention to manifest certain life situations and circumstances.  These manifestations are in accordance with your spiritual path and Kuan Yin will support you…skydancer

The way of the Sky Dancer Kuan Yin is the Yin Way or the way of Divine Magnestism.  Yin power is the consciousness and ‘beingness’ that allows us to draw into our lives that which we desire.  … Rather than going out and striving for it, as though we do not have it within us already, we can grow in our ability to simply be and become simultaneously, until we experience it physically in our lives.  It is only a matter of time until it happens.

To cultivate Yin Power to allow creation to manifest in your physical reality, you can focus more on allowing, flowing, surrendering, and participating in the greater flow, rather than the usual ways in Western culture of doing, making things happen, forcing, intending, and holding.  Kuan Yin guides you now to balance doing with being…

The second: Vale of Shadows.

Message:  Your Soul lotus is blossoming.  Just like a plant that outgrows the pot in which it has been panted and requires more soil to spread its roots and continue growing, your soul lotus needs some more mud – some more water and earth energy – so that it can grow and shine.

In the spiritual worlds, all things serve.  Everything.  Including our darker emotions and parts of our body that we may not think are acceptable.  …It is about delving into the parts of you that have been hidden in the vale of shadows and are now becoming ready to be revealed and lived as a part of the beautiful and whole being that you are in truth.

In particular this oracle asks you to look at where you can nourish your emotional and physical life with more focus – perhaps through art, creativity, journaling your dreams, creating collages, or engaging in dance or other forms of movement.  Your spirit needs it to thrive at this time.

I’m reminded of one of my favorites:


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